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Unlimited Yoga. Anywhere. Anytime.

In the middle of a local COVID quarantine, Temecula's hottest yoga studio, Hot Yoga Healthy You, needed to shift their business online to continue providing value to their members without taking a hit in revenue. My role was to help them spearhead a new online membership initiative & platform.

UX Strategy
Web Development
User Research
UI Design
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Project Details

Unlimited Yoga. Anywhere. Anytime.


Hot Yoga Healthy You

Design Tools:

Photoshop, Adobe XD

Key Performance Metrics:

Repeat Visitors, New Signups

Link To Final Project:

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By looking at Google Analytics, I immediately saw that the most popular webpage on their site was their Schedule page.

By interviewing the client, I realized that current members relied on the website to look at class schedules and times to make their attendance decisions.

Knowing this, I knew that keeping the same information architecture was important to making the transition seamless.

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Because the city's mandate on shutting down non-essential business, Hot Yoga Healthy You was forced to make changes quickly to make the transition seamless for its members.

Knowing that members make decisions on attendance by class type, I began by grouping classes by class type first, then by instructors.

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Since the customer experience was focused on watching On Demand classes, I first focused on creating a video page that was solely focused on the video watching experience. I also knew that the video discovery process was vital to the member, so I wireframed an easy-to-use video library page.

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Once wireframing was set, I skipped the design stage and went straight into developing a staging environment, taking styling rules from their existing website to keep continuity.

This let us make decisions quickly.

During this stage, I focused heavily on functionality and efficiency, using php loops and custom post type taxonomies to pull information as needed.

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The last stage of the process before going live was figuring out the right workflow for both the members and the admin staff.

I had to integrate Stripe, Memberpress, and Constant Contact to make everything work smoothly.

Once set up, I worked with the client through Zoom calls to test different scenarios and make sure they understood the ins and outs of their new integrations.

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Tony has literally helped us save our business. With the present circumstances leaving us no choice but to go digital, he built us an entire online platform that is not only beautiful, but user-friendly. He’s helped us turn what could have easily been a “bad” situation, into one the best things to happen to us.

Hot Yoga Healthy You


When circumstances require your brick-and-mortar business to go online, being flexible and available to make decisions quickly is important. I was lucky to have two owners who knew they needed to move quickly and were ready to commit.

The biggest obstacle in this project was making sure members could access and filter the classes they were looking for easily. Lots of custom php code was required to get the right information on the right pages.

30 new signups within 24 hours of launch. 250% increase in repeat website visits.

The best part about this project was the satisfaction of getting HYHY's new platform up and running for their members during this unusual COVID quarantine crisis.

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